If your marketing isn't working, 'poking at it with a stick' won't help!

... of course, you could 'sharpen your stick' and join the discussion at Marketing Crew


Who is Marketing Crew for?

For entrepreneurs who understand the value of marketing in terms of attracting and retaining clients but do not have the budget to employ a marketing manager or to retain a marketing consultant.

For business owners who have a marketing budget and are looking for a better return on their marketing investment.

If the stick you have is old, bent or broken perhaps it's time to get serious about your business.

When is the Next Meeting?

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Why I started Marketing Crew

Although I have a corporate background in sales and marketing I have been working with small business owners for around 20 years working within the BNI framework. As a franchise holder for 10 years in Somerset and Wiltshire.

I established the BNI brand in this part of the West Country and have personally coached over 1,000 business owners and entrepreneurs from all business categories in how to develop their personal network in a structured way to generate a stream of qualified leads for their business. 


BNI focus on introductions (referrals), provide the best training program in the business. Offering exclusivity of position, a disciplined, structured approach not surprisingly they are world leaders.


4Networking was founded in 2006 by Brad Burton. He was actually refused membership at one of my BNI groups (Bridgwater) and decided to start his own, without a focus on referrals or training. They have been very successful, bringing lots of people together (part social, part business) to find their own way forward from a well worn concept of know, like, trust.  If people know like and trust you, they will do business with you. Maybe!

All network meetings (on and off-line) are hybrids of these two networking formats.  Small business owners need more

Networking, as important as people feel it is are only one part of anyone's marketing strategy. If you don't get your marketing right today, you won't have a business tomorrow. 

Marketing Crew Gives You an Edge

You will find people at each meeting who understand what it's like to start and build a business (taking away the bravado and hype). People willing to share advice and help others, based on the experience they've gained over years. Willing to discuss their challenges in order to find workable solutions. 

At the every core of every meeting are people who understand marketing because I wanted to provide a sales and marketing framework for each meeting, similar to what a cool agency would provide, but without the drama, the cost or the hype.

After a year, despite the most difficult conditions, it seems to be working.

Paul Clegg - Founder Marketing Crew


and it's not just me that says so!


Sarah Ley

I really like this meeting. I've been to quite a number of networking events. It's about finding the right cultural fit and I find the content inspiring.

Barry Tinton

This meeting is different. It's not overtly selling. There's an education element. It's very much a community. 

Ewen Logan

As someone who's been involved in marketing for far too long. If I can learn things surely others must be able to take something away. 

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